Le' Cloud in White Linen


Le' Cloud Mid-century Lounge chair evokes the Glam/Dazzle of the 70's ERA Hollywood Homes with it's Gold-Plated Brass Detailing, And contoured Body, Le' Cloud brings an air of opulence to your living space, this essential piece can be incorprated seamlessly into any interior design collection. Le' Cloud has mastered the marriage of form and function and makes no apologies for its oversized and inviting form.

Design Influence: 
Cleopatra - The Sydney
Opera House - Studio 54
The Silver Screen

32 inches tall
32 inches wide
18 inches seat height

Oversized chair structure in wood, padded in polyurethane foam and upholstered in fabric. Polished brass detailing with an option to use brushed brass or brushed steel base.

Gold Rush Collection Velvet Selections. Bakarian Studio Classic Linen Selection. Brass Detailing (brushed brass or brushed steel also available with special order).


*Made to order. 6 week lead time for all items

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